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Horizon - Tabitha Lord (english version)

Disclaimer: English is my third language,  so I want to apologize in advance for there may be mistakes in the text below. If you find any, please let me know so that I can correct it. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. You can read this review also in spanish here.

I'm not one of those that values ​​the surface most, but I must admit that if I asked Horizon, the first novel of Tabitha Lord in Netgalley was more by its cover, that I loved,  than by the summary of the plot. I had also a certain intuition or feeling that I was in front of an undiscovered gem, and I had a hunch. Sometimes, very few, I fail.

The novel has interesting points, especially related to the powers of the protagonist and the relationship between the two societies in its home planet. The author shows some skills, but I think the final result is a mixture that has not consolidated at all, too scattered and diverse and has not convinced me.

The story begins when Derek's ship must make an emergency landing after a surprise attack on a planet that he was exploring. Caelis lives on this planet. She is a woman with mental and healing powers that manages to save Derek's live after his accident.
The first part of the novel focuses on the relationship between the two characters and the story that explains why Caelis is living hidden in the forest. This part is what interested me most, though there are no intermediate positions in the characters: the good ones are very good and the bad ones, very bad.
The second part of the novel begins when, from Horizon, the ship in which Derek serves, a rescue mission is sent and the two protagonists leave the planet. From that moment Caelis takes part of diplomatic  and high-level infiltration missions without any training and only with the help of her powers, with the acquiescence of all the military of Horizon. Highly implausible, and without any clear relation to what  the novel had been until then.

In short: a debut novel  too disconnected, with an accelerated rhythm, and that does not deepen on the most interesting aspects of the plot. Too light for my taste. The story must have convinced her editorial, though, since Tabitha Lord, even before the first part is published, is writing the second. I do not think you'll see it around here, but everything is possible.

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